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Singapore Chilli Crab Paste

Singapore Chilli Crab Paste
Singapore Chilli Crab Paste

This paste originates from JUMBO’s award-winning Chilli Crab dish that features Sri Lankan King Crabs stir-fried and dressed in JUMBO's unforgettably rich, savoury and spicy chilli gravy. It is best enjoyed with a helping of steamed or deep-fried buns known as Man-Tou. The JUMBO Chilli Crab Paste can also be cooked with other seafood such as prawns, crayfish, lobsters, squids or be used to make pasta.

Ingredients: Vegetable Oil (Palm Olein), Sugar, Peanut, Onion, Chilli, Garlic, Shallot, Lemongrass, Blue Ginger, Belachan, Salt, Chilli Powder, Turmeric Powder.
Product contains nuts.


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